1.  My favorite Christmas song is Last Christmas by Wham!

2.  The best Christmas cookie is the Ginger bread cookie 

3.  My favorite Christmas movie is Elf and my favorite part is when Buddy the Elf says “you sit on a throne of lies”

4. My favorite holiday activity is to go up to the Salt Lake temple and look at all the lights on the trees and to hangout with family and friends.

5. Something I’m hoping to get this year for Christmas is a new IPhone or Jordans.

6.  Something you can for the holidays is to shovel peoples drive ways for them or to go help give out toys for kids in need.

7. The best Christmas meme is…

8.  One thing I’m giving to someone this year is a toy helicopter for my little brother.

9. A fun fact about Christmas is The nativity story resulted in several wars.

10.  Last year for Christmas my family went to Costa Rica. We went horseback riding and ziplining through the jungle.

Friday Funnies

Here are some cringy pickup lines you should definitely use





Here are some of my favorite memes













This is my favorite Studio C video. Its about a girl that puts on makeup and she thinks she is a professional artist.



This is my favorite funny movie scene.  It is in Civil War and it is when Spiderman says ” Do you remember that really old movie “Empire Strikes Back”  And he says this while fighting Ant Man.

This is One of my favorite funny youtube videos. Its about a penguin living his life and its in claymation and its the way that the penguin acts that is funny.


My Dream Bedroom

  1. I need a mini fridge. I would stock with apple sauce and soda. I would put in lots of sandwiches in the fridge.
  2. I need a bed. I would sleep in my bed. Click Me 
  3. I would have an Olympic sized swimming pool. I would swim laps in it and have a .

Free Write

Hi I’m free writing. Yesterday I had a soccer game it was kinda fun. WE lost but we played against 19 year olds for practice as my coach says. I have a unit test in math next Tuesday which I’m not excited for. I have swim practice tonight after school. I swim for Life Centre and play soccer for AYSO. I finished a book called “Death Watch” it was a very interesting book about a psychopath ring to kill someone in the desert. It was my friends birthday on Friday so that was fun. I can’t wait for lunch, I have C lunch.

All About My Name

Hi my name is McKayla. The name McKayla means “who is like God”.  I am okay with my name, but it sounds like an old ladies name. I am named after my great great great grandpa’s last name which was Mckay.